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A Popular Canadian Artist.

SuzieB is a professional international artist with work in corporate, public and private collections in Canada and Worldwide. She is represented by Galerie Bérick since 2010. Galerie Bérick is very reputable gallery located in Bromont, in the Montreal area (Quebec). SuzieB is also represented by other reputable galleries in Canada, USA and worldwide for special events. Contact information: or 416-809-2399.

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  • 1. Who is SuzieB?Suzie Boudreault was born in Montreal, Quebec. Her main studios are in Toronto, Ontario and in St-Émile de Suffolk, Québec (Canada). She is the professional artist operating under the brand name SuzieB.

  • 2. Her Style.Her style is a mix of Canadian “Group of Seven” allure with a definite Impressionist bend.

  • 3. Glimpses of her World.SuzieB's paintings are glimpses of her natural world that are vibrant, lively, and candid.

  • 4. Passion and colors.Her paintings are rich with color, texture, and all the complexities of light and shadow and yet are simultaneously contained by a dominant use of line and form.


  • "Invest in original paintings. It worths it. Keep in mind the prices will go up as the artist is becoming more popular."

    J.P. Gallery Rep
  • "I love the spontaneity of SuzieB's paintings and the vivid colors."

    C.S Art Collector
  • "SuzieB's work is very precious to me, it is unique, I feel connected with her work, it touches me inside in a way that is hard for me to explain."

    G.M Art Collector
  • "I knew that you would be very successful."

    B.M Gallery rep